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Our team of mechanics and race engineers have years of experience in F1, WEC, GP3, F3, GT3, WS and many more.

We run and maintain your race car and take care of every little detail.

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We are involved in the following championships and would like you to become a part of our team – whether that’s as a driver or as a sponsor.

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We offer the latest serial production race cars.

We are official dealer and also provide spare parts.

We deliver all over Spain.

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In this section you will find the latest offers of race cars.
Every car is delivered only after having been inspected by our engineers and with its complete history and mileage.
Registration is included
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Who We are

SPV Motorsport makes all your dreams come true. We have  facilities in different regions of Spain where we fulfil the great demand of all our motorsport passionate . We look after all the needs and requirements of our clients – and with our extensive experience of 25 years in the motorsport industry our SPV specialists provide high quality storage and maintenance, set up track support, transport and any kind of service your vehicle needs.

We help with the purchase as well as selling your vehicle whilst personally valuing your car in each particular situation by conducting an in-depth assessment in each and every case.

If you do not have your own vehicle to participate in the race series of your choice, SPV can offer you to compete in the championships in any of their fleet cars which are currently available. We also have options to fulfil your race car dream depending on your individual preference – all you need to do is go to the race track and enjoy your day.

It is a pleasure to be of service to you. Welcome to SPV Motorsport.